Frequently Asked Questions

What is photo restoration?

Photo restoration is the digital process of restoring a damaged old photo. The original photo is scanned at a high resolution, allowing fading and damage to be repaired. Putting the life back into your photo will not affect the original. Restoring an old photo ensures those moments can be shared with generations to come.

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How much does photo restoration cost?

Since every photo is unique, the cost of photo restoration will depend on the extent of the damage. A damaged photo can be affected by: fading, sun damage, rips and fold lines or missing sections may need recreating. Restore prices start from £10.

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Can an old photo be restored?

Over the years old photos will fade and deteriorate, however by acting now an old photo can be restored and saved for future generations. Fading can be reversed, damage can be repaired and even missing sections can be recreated.

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Where can i get my photo repaired?

By offering an online service, you don't need be local to have your photo repaired. The advantage of an online service is it eliminates the risk of sending your photo in the post. Simply supply a high resolution scan and your photo will be restored back to its glory days!

Will photo restoration affect the original photo?

No not at all. Photo restoration is a digital process, where a scanned copy is restored. Your original photo will be returned just how you left it.

Can two old photos be merged to make a new image?

While researching your family tree you may not find a photo of particular descendants together... however two photos can be merged to make a new image. It's like creating moments in history when a photo doesn't exist. Several factors will help make a perfect photo merge, similar photo: lighting, angle, quality and year taken.

Can a black and white photo be colourised?

Yes, to colourise a black and white photo really brings it to life! It is a digital process of building up colour tones, resulting in a naturally coloured photo. The outcome is very rewarding as it shows moments in history that have never been seen in colour (except by those who were actually there).

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how much does it cost to colourise a black and white photo?

No two photos are the same, therefore the cost to colourise a black and white photo would depend on the level of detail. Each photo will be indivdually quoted. Colouring prices start from £35.


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