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About Nick

Your friendly photo restorer and B&W colourist

About Me

My Background

Hey, I’m Nick Harris. By day, I work for a Maidstone based digital marketing agency as a Graphic Designer. By night, I restore and colourise your precious old photos. Creativity runs in my family history, so it was only natural that I would follow in their creative footsteps.

Nick in the process of colourising a photo

What Inspired me to Restore Photos?

My interest in old photos and photo restoration started back in 2007 when my Dad inherited a box of my Grandad’s old photos. I found these photos fascinating and seeing them in a faded damaged state urged me to preserve them. I am very passionate about what I do and find the results are very rewarding. Every old photo holds a story and they deserve to be seen for future generations to come.

Old photos from my family history

My Likes and Dislikes

I love travelling to far flung destinations, exploring other cultures and cuisines. Closer to home, I’m an Arsenal fan, enjoy cycling. By contrast, I really dislike bananas, traffic jams and when my fizzy drinks goes flat – they go straight down the sink! Oh and those AI Photo Restoration Services that take work away from professional hands!

Travelling in New Zealand. Mount Cook in the background

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