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14 September 2019

Can a sun faded photo be restored?

Displaying our favourite family photos around the home is something we all love to do.  However, being exposed to sunlight for many years those precious moments are at risk of fading and discolouration. But can a sun faded photo be restored?

Photos damaged by sunlight

Over time the sun fades the tonal and colour information and you’re left with an uneven image if it’s been within a mount. It’s sad to see your favourite photos slowly fading away, but all is not lost as it’s possible to repair them.

Here are some examples of restored sun faded photos.

Sun faded photo of man drinking a beer

Sun damaged photo of a young happy boy

faded and damaged photo of man next to a car

sun faded photo of a baby

sun bleached photo of a young couple

Discoloured photo of a young couple on holiday

photo of a young girl faded by the sun

So yes, a sun faded photo can be restored! Here is a 4 step guide if you’d like to know how to restore a sun faded photo.

If you’d like some help, get in touch to have your photo restored.

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