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8 November 2019

Remembered in Colour: Henry Birkett Shimelds

Today, we commemorate the fallen heroes of The Great War, who fought valiantly in the line of duty for our freedom. Unfortunately for one gentleman, Henry Birkett Shimelds sadly died a day before the signing of the Armistice that brought WWI to an end. How we wish he could have seen the day!

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14 September 2019

Can a sun faded photo be restored?

Displaying our favourite family photos around the home is something we all love to do.  However, being exposed to sunlight for many years those precious moments are at risk of fading and discolouration. But can a sun faded photo be restored?

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8 July 2019

Sharing those Moments of Photo Restoration

Photo restoration enables us to preserve the visual memories of our ancestors. Every old photo holds it’s own story, and that moment deserves to be seen for future generations to come.

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7 July 2019

Animating old photographs – bringing historic moment to life

I’ve recently been learning how to use After Effects, so I thought I’d experiment with animating old photographs. Adding colour certainly makes an old photo more relatable but with the addition of animation, it will really give a sense of life.

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17 November 2018

1940s glass blowers revealed from scanning glass plates

Thomas William Wingent, born in 1904, was a member of The Society of Glass Technology (SGT) from 1942 to 1959. A society for individuals and organisations with a professional interest in glass manufacture and usage. SGT was founded in Sheffield in 1917.

A selection of glass plate negatives from the 1940s, reveal fascinating photos of glass blowing technicians and various tools and apparatus.

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29 July 2018

Colourise Black & White Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life and having photos is a perfect way to remember it. However, in the days before colour photography, over time these memories you hold will fade and you may be left wondering “what colour flowers did we have?”.

Worry not, you can colourise black and white wedding photos.

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7 July 2018

Colourise Black & White Football Photos

Moments in football are often dramatic, but do old black & white football photos carry the same excitement as ones from the modern day? Colourising old football photos gives them a new lease of life, as you can see in the photo of Anthony Nicholas and Jimmy Greaves  during training at Chelsea.

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7 July 2018

Colourise Black & White World War Photos

Our heroes of War deserve to be remembered by more than a faded black and white photo, they deserve to be remembered in full colour. Adding colour to these  historic moments brings them back to life and highlights all the tiny details that are often missed in black and white.

Here are a collection of colourised military and World War photos.

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30 March 2018

RAF Centenary – Colourised RAF Photos Brought to Life

On 1st April 2018, the world’s first independent air force – the Royal Air Force celebrates their 100th Anniversary. RAF Marham delved into their old photo archives, selecting photos of 51 Squadron Royal Flying Corps, engine fitters and aircrafts such as Fe2b and the Wellington Bomber. As part of the RAF Centenary celebrations, these photos have been breathtakingly colourised, bringing these special historical moments to life.

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24 March 2018

Documenting Family History – My Grandad’s Life Story

Since retiring, my Grandad – Roy Arthur Sharp, has been writing his life story. It may have taken him 20 odd years to complete but he got there in the end!  He is always full of stories and with us all living busy lives remembering them will be difficult, that’s why documenting family history is important. It was a pleasure to turn his life story into a printed book, for him to hand out to our family so we can share and refer to those moments for years to come.

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