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7 April 2020

Colourising – AI vs Professionally Hand-Coloured

Colourising beautifully brings an old photo to life, with every essence of emotion re-captured like it was yesterday! Traditionally coloured by hand, but is it possible to colourise photos with AI?

Yes, there has been a rise in online tools which use artificial intelligence to automatically colourise your black and white photos. But are they any good? Lets put AI to the test – AI vs Professionally Hand-Coloured.

For a fair comparison test, I used a range of photos I have colourised by hand – portrait, wedding, group, military and scenic. I uploaded the original b&w photo to 3 online AI tools. Lets compare the results…

Round 1: Portrait

Round 2: Wedding

Round 3: Large Group

Round 4: Military

Round 5: Scenic

In Conclusion

Yes, you may be able to colourise old photos for free with AI. It is quick and easy but the results are poor. They lack intensity, colours are inaccurate and look unfinished. Having them carefully hand-coloured by a professional will give you the result your precious photos deserve, with accuracy and attention to detail.

Take a look at more examples of colourised old photos and get in touch for a quote

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