Father’s Day Gift Idea: Colourise a Black and White Photo

Thinking of a unique Father’s Day gift each year is always a challenge!  There are only so many times you can buy ‘No. 1 Dad’ mugs, socks and chocolate! And while we’re on the subject – I really despise all those typical unimaginative greeting cards for Dads! Not every Dad loves golf, DIY, vintage cars and farting!

So if you’re ever stuck for Father’s Day gift ideas – colourise a black and white photo and frame it!

Lauren got in touch with me, wanting to colourise an old sepia photo of her dad for Father’s Day. The photo is of her dad when he was young with his brother and grandad:

“There aren’t that many pictures of my dad from his childhood but this one shows his cheeky, boisterous little grin, clearly a family trait as my younger brother had exactly the same one! My dad really looked up to his grandad, he was a carpenter by trade and had the toughest hands but the kindest heart. He taught him a lot about life and about DIY – stuff all dads need to be good at!!

Nick did a cracking job bringing that old photo back to life and injected the colour into it that it deserved! I couldn’t be happier with the way it came out and my dad (the man that has everything!) will love it. Not a beer or golf reference in sight 😉 perfect!”

Black and white photo colourised showing before and after
Black and white photo colourised showing before and after

Coloured black & white photo of a Grandad with his Grandchildren
Colourising those moments really brings a photo to life. To enhance them further, I like to add depth by applying a background defocus. Not only does this make the subject stand out but it makes the photo feel more like a modern day shot.

A colourised black & white photo makes a great Father's Day gift idea

If you would me to colourise a black and white photo, then get in touch via my photo restoration website. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Father’s Day!

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