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30 December 2017

How much does photo restoration cost?

Every old photo has been on its own unique journey. Whether its been – carried around in a purse, framed in front of a window,  stored in a damp loft or battered by the elements of war. So, how much does photo restoration cost?

The simple answer is – there is no set cost. It all depends on the extent of  the damage endured on its journey.  A damaged photo can be affected by: fading, sun damage, rips and fold lines or missing sections that need recreating. Photo restoration costs start from £10 – for a basic restoration of a faded black and white photo.

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By reading on you’ll get a better idea of the cost of photo restoration. Below are some before and after examples and their cost, ordered by extent of damage.

How much does photo restoration cost?

Basic Fading Restore:

Faded family photo restoration

£10 – Basic Fading Restore

faded photo restore

£15 – Basic Fading Restore

Irregular Fading Restore:

F Hulsh Kent Cricketer. Before and after restoration

£30 – Irregular Fading Restore

High Fading Restore:

Very faded old photo of Higham Windmill

£35 – High Fading Restore

Sun Damage Restore:

Two sun damaged photos that have been repaired

Left: £25, Right £35 – Sun Damaged Photo Restore

Sun damaged photo that needed recolourising

£75 – High Sun Damaged Photo

Low Damage Restore:

Lightly damaged old military photo

£25 – Low Damage Restore

Slightly damaged old portrait photo of a women

£30 – Low Damage Restore and De-silvering

Medium Damage Restore:

Damaged old portrait photo restore

£40 – Medium Damage Restore

An old photo torn in half, pieced back together and restored

£40 – Medium Damage Restore

High Damage Restore:

Tiny original photo of Father and Daughter. Restored and enlarged

£70 – High Damage Restore

Damaged portrait photo restoration showing before and after

£50 – High Damage Restore

A old photo of a lady with a missing section. Side by side with restored version

£50 – High Damage Restore

A boy in uniform standing in a corridor. Old photo is damage with torn off sections. Restored with missing sections recreated

£75 – High Damage Restore

Severley damaged family old photo. Showing before and after restoration

£75 – High Damage Restore

Severe Damage Restore:

severely damaged passport photo of a couple thats been restored like new

£110 – Severe Damage Restore

Repaired old photo of a couple. Damaged with part of the photo missing

£85 – Severe Damage Restore

Photo restoration of an old photo of a man in military uniform. Severely damaged with missing sections.

£85 – Severe Damage Restore

Severley damaged old portrait photo. Showing before and after restoration

£75 – Severe Damage Restore

Hopefully the above before and after examples have given you an idea of how much does photo restoration cost and the result that could be achieved.

FREE photo restoration quote

Please contact me if you’d like a quote on restoring a photo. You can also find me on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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How much does photo restoration cost?

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