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6 June 2017

How to Restore a Photo for FREE using this Online Photo Editor…

Recently, I came across this great free online photo editor called Pixlr. (It even has a very fitting tagline with this blog! – Make every moment beautiful!) Pixlr has a similar interface to Photoshop,  equipped with the tools perfect for some simple DIY free photo restoration. Read on and i’ll explain some of the tools to show you how to restore a photo for FREE.

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27 May 2017

Family Tree Photo Collage Wall Art

I recently started looking into my own family history, particularly photographs. I find these captured moments fascinating and it’s a shame to just have them digitally archived. This got me thinking…  wouldn’t it be great to create a family tree photo collage to display a collection of photos, past and present? 

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18 May 2017

Scanning glass plate negatives of Kent County Cricket Club

In the late 1800s – early 1900s, glass plate negatives were the commonly used photographic process. The images were exposed to a glass plate which were coated with a silver gelatin emulsion, however they were (and still are!) very fragile and the emulsion can be easily scratched. Scanning glass plate negatives reveals those moments in history, preserving them for our future generations.
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10 May 2017

How to remove paper texture when restoring an old photo

When scanning your old family photos to archive those moments, you may face the problem of a honeycomb texture spoiling your scan. This is due to the “silk finish” paper texture, which was used a lot back in the day.

Read on and I will show you how to remove paper texture when restoring an old photo.

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7 May 2017

Two old photos combined and colourised

Today, we don’t think twice when it comes to capturing a family moment – we always have a camera to hand, however 70 years ago things were different. While researching your family tree you may find that a photo of your descendants together doesn’t always exist… how about creating that missing moment by combining two old photos. 

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