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20 September 2023

Photo Restoration – AI vs Professionally by Hand

With a range of AI tools now on offer, the question is are AI Photo Restoration Services any good and how do they compare to the work of a professional photo restorer? Let’s put AI to the test, with a mixture of old photos in need of some restoration. May the battle commence ‘Photo Restoration – AI vs Professionally by Hand’.

Let’s compare the results…

Round 1: Damaged Military Photo Restore

As you can see, AI failed to restore all of the damage and the black & white colourising is inaccurate and unfinished.

Round 2: Sun Damaged Photo Restore

The AI photo restoration managed to fix some of the discolouration but failed to fix the faded area from the frame mount.

Round 3: Blurry Photo Restoration

AI enhanced the faces, but made no attempt at restoring the complete photo. The professional restoration resulted in a nice sharpened enhanced result,

Round 4: Sun Faded Colour Photo Restore

The AI photo restoration was able to fix the discolouration and crease damage. However, the result is very faint with uneven enhancements. The professionally restored photo consists of strong colour accurate tones.

In Conclusion

Yes, you can restore old photos with AI for free. It is quick and easy, but the results are poor. They lack intensity, colours are inaccurate and look unfinished. Having your old photos carefully hand-restored by a professional will give you the result your precious photos deserve, with accuracy, care and attention to detail.

Take a look at more examples of restored old photos and get in touch for a quote

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