Scan your old photos & negatives and archive those moments for future generations

Scanning Options

Box of old family photos ready for scanning

Old Photo Scanning

Scanning your old family photos creates a backup of your family history. Save them for your future generations to enjoy.

Old 35mm slides ready for scanning

35mm Slide Scanning

Convert your 35mm slides into digital images. Scan them today and unlock those family history moments!

Old family glass plate negatives ready for scanning

Glass Plate Negatives Scanning

Digitising your old, fragile glass plate negatives is vital in preserving their history, save them before its too late.

Film strip negatives ready for scanning

Film Strip Negatives Scanning

Your film strip negatives are slowly suffering from colour and contrast degradation. Have them scanned and restored today.

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Digitising Your Old Photos

Digitising your old family photos is a great way to archive those historic moments, create your family tree or share them with your family and friends. Once they have been scanned you can have the photos restored, colourised and have prints framed, while keeping the originals safely stored away.

My photo scanning service includes scanning old photos, 35mm slides, glass plate negatives and film strip negatives. They will be scanned using a professional scanner at a very high resolution (capable of scans up to 12800dpi). This will ensure the maximum amount of detail is retained giving you the best achievable results.

Don’t let those moments fade away, have them scanned today!

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How much does Photo Restoration cost?

Since every photo is unique, the cost of photo restoration will depend on the extent of the damage, size and quality of the original. Restore prices start from £10.

Prices are based on per photo.

Fading Restore

From £10

Photos that have been sun bleached may cost more

Damage Restore

Low - From £15
Medium - From £25
High - From £40
Severe - From £60

B&W colouring

From £35

Price is determined on the level of detail of the photo

Photo Printing

6x4 - £1
7x5 - £2
Up to A4 - £4

Photo Backup

From £2.50 (min order £10)

Photos will be scanned and supplied as a digital download


Photo Scanning, 35mm Slide Scanning, Glass Plate Negative Scanning - Get in touch for a quote


Photo Retouching, Manipulation, Photo Montage - Get in touch for a quote


Prints / CD - £1.50
If originals are included - £2.50