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Photo Retouching Possibilities

A holiday photo thats cropped off the background

Fixing a Badly Framed Photo

Taking a perfect selfie can be a challenge, usually the background gets cropped or someone isn't smiling. Multiple photos can be combined to create that perfect shot.

A wedding group photo where someone wasn't  looking

Getting that Perfect Group Photo

Do you have group photos from your wedding day where someone isn't looking or smiling? If you have multiple shots of the same setup these can be combined.

A holiday photo bleached out by the sun

Repairing Sun Glare

We all hope for some sun while on holiday but it may end up with sun bleached photos. By using multiple photos, sun glare can be repaired.

A photo thats lacking contrast and needs enhancing

Enhancing Dull Photos

A photo of a special moment can lead to disappointment if the photo didn't come out as well as you'd hoped. Dull, flat looking photo can be enhanced.

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Enhancing your Photos

We all love taking photos to capture a moment to share and remember, but sometimes we don't get that perfect photo. Perhaps you suffered from bad lighting, sun glare, someone blinked / didn't smile, distracting background or badly framed - My photo retouching service can turn your photo into a great photo!

Simply email me your photo (high resolution) and let me know your expectations. Some retouching work may require multiple photos. (For example if someone is blinking, a photo of the same person in a similar pose will be required).

I also take on bespoke photoshop projects. Please see some bespoke retouching examples below.

Bespoke Retouching Examples

Here are some examples of bespoke complex retouching projects that I have worked on

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How much does Photo Restoration cost?

Since every photo is unique, the cost of photo restoration will depend on the extent of the damage, size and quality of the original. Restore prices start from £10.

Prices are based on per photo.

Fading Restore

From £10

Photos that have been sun bleached may cost more

Damage Restore

Low - From £15
Medium - From £25
High - From £40
Severe - From £60

B&W colouring

From £35

Price is determined on the level of detail of the photo

Photo Printing

6x4 - £1
7x5 - £2
Up to A4 - £4

Photo Backup

From £3 (min order £10)

Photos will be scanned and supplied as a digital download


Photo Scanning, 35mm Slide Scanning, Glass Plate Negative Scanning - Get in touch for a quote


Photo Retouching, Manipulation, Photo Montage - Get in touch for a quote


Prints / CD - £1.50
If originals are included - £2.50