Process of Photo Restoration

Here is a handy infographic to explain the process of a photo restoration order.

Process of Photo Restoration Infographic - Including Scan Settings

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How to scan your photos Scanning your photo correctly is very important. The better the scan the better the result. 1- Dust free | Before you start give the scanner glass a clean with a lint free cloth. 2- Auto Adjustment | Turn OFF any auto adjustment settings, such as sharpness, brightness and contrast. 3- Resolution | Set this to 600dpi. If you plan on enlarging your photo set it to 1200dpi. 4- Saving | Save your scan as a JPG. Under the JPG options set it to the highest quality setting. Restoration Process Email your enquiry - I will email you a quote - Quote is approved - Photo is scanned at a high resolution - Damaged photo is repaired - Before and after proof is emailed to you - Approval and payment is received - Prints are run and digital files are emailed - and finally feedback is left.


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